Access on demand and up-to-date real estate courses that will better equip to better protect your assets, grow your portfolio and keep more cash in your pocket.

We Get The Common Investor.

That’s why we created DIY RE to help pivot through our ever-changing real estate investing landscape.

Our on-demand, courses are mental, financial and physical shortcuts to the ideal state of being prepared in terms of asset protection, real estate, finance, insurance, taxes and more.

What We Seek To Answer With Our Products:

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Risk Mitigation

Uncover what business entities and structures affect your exposure.

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Due Diligence

Be upfront about the legal, financial & environmental issues surrounding your real estate.

Finance & Tax

Explore the issues that will affect your cash flow when you buy, own and sell.

Estate Planning

Learn and act upon the specifics of how to best plan a comprehensive blueprint around your will, trust and estate.

Asset Protection

Proper planning allowing for maximum protection for what you've worked so hard for.

Real Estate Intel

We give you the tools to better correlate risk tolerance, cash flow and goals.

How We Deliver:

Real Estate protection combined with expert level intel.

We will have information, speakers, and related content that comes from mentors, developers, wholesalers, and other investors that teach on strategies that they have implemented.

No “theory” but proven methods backed up by real-world examples.

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Premium content focused on building wealth and protecting your assets.

Our topics cover a comprehensi ve range of real estate related strategies. No matter where you are in your real estate journey, new or experienced, we have educationatl tools and resources to help you get to your goals.

How we are different is the depth of our knowledge material and how we can apply it to a variety of situations from clients who have already been where you may or may not have been.

Learn at your own pace, anywhere on your schedule.

On-demand workshops, mastermind recordings, interviews and round tables, live webinar training to template contracts, forms, checklists and everything in between.

Find it here, mobile ready to access anywhere.

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Our Instructors:

Gain access to real practitioners in the fields of Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate Marketing and Brokerage, Investment Real Estate and more who will help you gain an unfair advantage in your unique real estate investing journey.

Jeff Jinks

Our Courses:

Our LLC Blueprint Program is designed to help you understand the facets of starting, managing and scaling your real estate business through the use of the LLC legal structure.

This program will provide all of the templates, video instruction to be fully in charge of how to manage your entities both with or without an attorney as to have a more cost effective and repeatable process to work through your properties and know all of the legal pitfalls to avoid and take advantage of the protections.

The program is both for new and experience investors alike in this on demand course.

Our 1031 Exchange Video Series is designed to help you understand the many options available when it comes to how to deal with taxes with the various types of real estate.

With today’s highly competitive landscape with other investors and various stakeholders in your investing journey, you want to be equipped with the correct knowledge in which to execute your strategies and this video series shows you the way in terms of deferring taxes.

As tax-deferred exchanges and methods are complex in scope, these creative approaches are designed to deliver the greatest possible benefit to you possible.

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