1031 Exchange Masterclass

What makes a top real estate investor better than their competition?

Learn the top way to get avoid taxes the legal way the elite investors have done for decades.

Everyone, new or experienced, young or old, that is in the game of real estate doesn’t like to one thing: pay the tax man.


Hello, my name is Jeff Jinks, attorney and owner of Jeff Jinks Law, representing real estate owners like you for the past 27 years.

My conversations with thousands of investors and whether it be through direct conversations at real estate meetups, consultations with clients or hearing people reach out over emails, I got to see the real impact of what real estate can do for people’s families and the real income it can make for them.

But some investors play this game quite differently than their peers, regardless of how many properties they own, their net worth or what types of buildings they like to buy and sell.

How can you avoid Uncle Sam, keep more cash in your wallet and stay out of jail?

Some investors call this their “secret weapon”. No lie you google secret weapons of real estate and you will find it.

Forget about the “conventional ways” to buy and sell your property.

The Answer: Implement now multiple strategies to help you defer taxes and save a ton of cash in the process.

Introducing the

Get the intel to assess your real estate portfolio and really see where you can: make more money, help the causes you support and create win-win scenarios for the sellers you buy from as well as other actors in your real estate journey!

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

Exploit the tax code for all types of property

Picking the right parties to protect your interests

How to time your exchange perfectly

Decide to sell when pocketing $ “makes sense”

Proving intention to qualify for these programs

Combining multiple strategies to maximize profit

The extensive accounting issues to consider

Solving the issues around refinancing

Selling without taking tax hit “at all”

Our 1031 Exchange Masterclass IS for you if...

We get it. You may have heard others that say there are ways to save money on your taxes.

But why are some people regardless of their experience killing it in terms of building wealth and others just seem like they coast along not really making real progress?

If you’re ready, you can learn the tax secrets of the real estate elite so you can:

Consistently and successfully work through your real estate investing goals and minimize your tax burden in the process, you’re in the right place.

And from this point forward, you will be equipped with the proper foundational knowledge to look at how these structures can get you more money in your pocket and all the while, you’ll have an ally like the professionals with you for the rest of your investing journey.


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