Ask Yourself If You've Been In Any of These Situations:

You will now have a resource that will bring together from our products at DIY Real Estate Education LLC!

As the idea of real estate education has been somewhat of a commodity online, we want to make you are getting high quality content & context in the courses we offer.

To actually make you more cash and protect yourself against the ugly side of this business, not just “another” blog post or generic information a quick Google search will get you.

When you look at the questions above, are you really been honest on the last time you reviewed how you have created your businesses to protect what makes most to you? Your family? Your checkbook? Your employees?

Instead of glossing over that fact that it is the preparation and being proactive will actually get you MORE money and BETTER peace of mind around your investments, you put off the idea to taking control and peeling back the ideas that make the ultra rich property owners tick. If you want to have best tips and strategies, you’re in the right place.

Our Sole Aim With Our DIY RE Insider Newsletter:

Talk is cheap and we rather show you what it means to deliver top notice material, sent every week or two about the following:

  • Detailed case studies and reports
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  • Up to date and unconventional tools and resources surrounding asset protection, financing, taxes, insurance, business creation and more

Our Values:


Offering advice, intelligence and education from the experts that deliver it daily, no theory here. To be a trusted advisor isn't something we take lightly.


Having our info used is something we are aware of and are deliberate and methodical on how we deliver our material and who we allow on our platform.


Delivering value on a consistent basis is what we strive for at Do It Yourself (DIY) Real Estate Education. By always innovating, constantly creating is what we look to show in our material.

Our Instructors:

Jeff Jinks

When you own a business or real estate, there are many challenges to face. Jeff Jinks knows that each property requires leasing, property management, tax matters, zoning, variances, contracts and purchase agreements, options, financing from equity partners, lenders and IRA Investors, leases, tenant issues, the litigation that flows from these issues, and your estate plan for your legacy.

Jeff Jinks’ interest in Law and Real Estate began at Indiana University Kelly School of Business where he graduated in 1987. Jeff Jinks then went on to find, Southside Real Estate Academy LLC., a real estate school to license brokers and provide professional continuing education; which he sold after six years.

In addition, he anchored a weekly talk radio show as the “Legal Eagle” answering callers questions related to business, real estate, financing, current cases, and self-directed IRA investments for real estate.

Jeff Jinks has been a leader in the Indiana Real Estate Exchangors, Inc., Young Life, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, South India Church of Christ Mission, Republican Precinct Committeeman, youth sports coach, and is an Eagle Scout.


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