The LLC Blueprint


Learn why the most successful investors “don’t own things” in their own name for good reasons.

When is the last time you thought out how your company is structured when it comes to the properties you own?

All the tasks, things you need to remember when figuring how best to protect yourself for bad actors, tenants, vandals, contractors, and the legal system that could spell doom to all you have built?

Today, I’ll show you what I’ve done for the past 15 years for my clients in the realm, saving them a ton of time, resources, and effort doing this on their own.


Hello, my name is Jeff Jinks, attorney and owner of Jeff Jinks Law, representing real estate owners like you for the past 27 years.

So why do people not own properties in their own name?

I’ll break down the whole blueprint here shortly, but first, I want to discuss a little on the most significant benefits and how they can enable you to do more of what you like: buy more homes, feel more comfortable you’re protected and protect yourself and your privacy.

Investors, just like you, are looking for ways to combat barriers that are in their approach to become more successful in this industry.

Think about the last time you asked yourself and look more closely at what holds you back in investing.

Lack of access to deals? Unrealistic expectations or limiting self-beliefs? Is it a lack of connections?

Read some of the biggest forums in real estate investing, and you start to see patterns.

What is holding you back, regardless of your background, knowledge, and experience?

For experienced investors, some times relearning things that may have been ingrained in us as some of you might be a 2nd or 3rd generation investor in your family like Lorraine:

You need to “unlearn” what has been holding you back and “relearn” the most effective way.

By diving deeper into anyone’s situation, it could be something that affected them individually, like the loss of a property, a lawsuit, or income because of not correctly doing things.

By taking charge of your investing and how best to protect yourself, you can rest assured that you are doing everything with the most up to date information as a seasoned investor.

Looking at some of the biggest book review websites, we start to see the same feedback as well.

Just take Lillian reviewing a book on real estate investing and how frustrated she was with the information provided.

Think about all the other issues that can go wrong and dealing with anyone that works at or lives in your property and how many people are looking to sue their landlords (with litigators eager to assist).

If a property manager has issues with you on a bill you may or may haven’t paid him and he decides to you after you for everything you own, if that’s all in your personal name, you’re exposed.

If you get caught up in a lawsuit, the attorney fees alone will balloon way past what you would ever spend in just creating a LLC for every property and maintaining the corporate paperwork that goes along with it.

And don’t think that an insurance policy is the answer to stating an LLC isn’t necessary if you’re a “mom and pop” owner one or two properties. The first thing insurance companies will first and most likely do deny coverage, leaving you in the wake of a potentially devasting lawsuit.

At the end of the day, you want context on how I do this one task, protect my business, and move on.

What we have found out after talking to thousands of investors over the years in my law firm almost now solely focused on real estate investors is the same thing:

I don’t know what to do, its “fear of … fill in the blank.”

  • Fear that the value of your real estate holdings increases, you become a larger target for litigation (whether being a target is deserved or undeserved doesn’t matter)
  • Fear of financial loss if their business isn’t set up to protect them personally.   
  • Fear of starting out WRONG and having a disaster that could ruin their entire business plan
  • Fear. Feeling safe in a comfort zone and not wanting to work for change. Financing. Self-doubt. 
  • Fear of being misled into the headaches of doing something wrong with my company

Now imagine having a system where you could know every time you bought a property, all the tiny details, all the second-guessing of “doing it right” and the peace of mind are put into place every single time you make a purchase.

This idea in mind, you’ll be able to focus your energy on running a legitimate and successful company and the state where you live and do business.

I bet reading this, you have been on some of the biggest real estate forums that we shall not name were some “dude that’s an investor or some other service provider” is stating you do not need an LLC.

Look we know with all the podcast, articles and videos on real estate investing, there are people that STILL have properties in their own name.

We all know the additive, “prevention is better than the cure” so why not save yourself the real financial and mental headache with being proactive?

Ultimately, you are sick and tired of reading regurgitated information on every forum and post and just want a simple and easy way to implement this for your business, period.

Before diving into how this course surrounding LLCs can help you, let’s look at where you have been to be aware of the issues.

With any product that is as fundamental as the business structure you use, you want to know how exactly it is going to help you. Think about what LLC is:

LLCs are, in essence, is a security blanket around your assets.

You get to create a bank account for the business.

If you want to keep your affairs private, you’re buying in the LLC’s name. Anything that’s a claim against a property—like, “Hey, I broke my leg”— the LLC is the entity that can stand between you and that claim.

THE SOLUTION: Solve the Mystery and Complexity of Creating, Protecting and Maintain Your Real Estate Company For Good.


Introducing the

The LLC Blueprint is our brand-new, online video course for new and established real estate investors that gives you the checklists, processes , examples and tips you’ll need to create your company in the RIGHT way with the RIGHT and REPEATABLE system, keep you compliant with the state and keep bad actors out of your finances and business.

"Why do I need a course on to set up a LLC?"

There are a lot of things to think about than just the paperwork you’ll fill out with your state — we’ll show you how you’re currently spending hours every day doing tasks you could delegate … so you can focus on the projects you choose, the hobbies you enjoy, and the people you love.

The LLC Blueprint course has 20 videos that will demonstrate how to get a systematic and deliberate system to creating your real estate business structure from start to finish.

The course will include every single template, guide, and checklist used in the management of your LLC.

This way, this isn’t just a random collection of PDFs that don’t give you the steps and tools to not understand what your documents mean to your business but show you if you don’t do the steps in the right way what it could potentially cost you.

You will hear it from an attorney and get a sneak peek on how he – and others across the country though various court cases and briefings – discuss how the liability, privacy and financial implications of doing this right and wrong.

Think of this course taking everything you need to know about LLCs from chaos to clarity, all in one place to reference forever.

Here's a sneak peek on what's inside our LLC Blueprint Video Vault:

How to get you up to speed what is and what is not covered in terms of LLC even if you’re a real estate mogul

The exact structures to create a virtual “moat” around your LLC providing for ULTIMATE protection

How to intelligently crank out multiple LLCs like a machine in the right way so you can always have one ready when you’re making offers on the property

Make your financing is easily achievable without the HUGE pain of being on the hook individually on your properties (your banker and accountant will thank you)

Get the EXACT reasons why the LLC is the preferred way to set up your real estate business.

The master principle that separates you from your business in terms of mega liability protection

Avoid like the plague, the eight signs of fraud, keeping you correct with the state and out of trouble with your tenants if sued and in compliance with your insurance company.

The ultimate cheat sheet surrounding judgments and charging orders to protect your valuable assets

Invest in the RIGHT way through your IRA even if you aren’t a finance whiz


The ultimate guide to pretty much every question you can think of when it comes to your LLC

How to keep your affairs private like a secret agent as most investors NEVER figure this out

All the specific templates and resources I use in my own practice with my top investors

And the specific templates and resources I use in my own practice with my top investors…

The LLC Blueprint IS for you if...

Let's take all the risk off the table:

If you have gone through the course and are about 20% into the videos and are dissatistfied for ANY reason, let us know and we will give you your money back. No questions asked. We want to truly deliver on our promises and that’s what you can expect.

100% Money Back Guarantee


Do I need an attorney to assist with filling any of the forms out provided?

No. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or someone that is buying their first rental property or flip, you’re able to get all the guidance from the course to make sure you have a repeatable process to create and manage your LLCs.

If you’re busy managing a massive portfolio of properties or want to know you’re protected for the 1st property you buy and want to devote less time to the repetitive tasks creating an LLC while protecting yourself doing it right – this is for you but as always could have your attorney involved tailoring it to your unique situation, thought not necessary.

What are the costs associated with creating and managing my LLCs?

As this is state-dependent, we will show you some benchmarks on what to expect as the filling fees and ongoing expenses will vary.

There’s no free lunch to anything, but when having the correct documentation and processes to create and manage your LLC, you’ll be able to keep your costs down as most as possible.

Would this work for me if I’m operating my LLC in another state?

As for having this course work for your state, this will dispel many of the myths surrounding why some states are “better” for various purposes, and this will instill in you the facts from the fiction in regards to having this work in your own state or if you are investing virtually from another one.

How long does this course take to complete?

As you might have areas you want to get through first, total access will be given to you and at your own pace. To complete all the modules and review the attachments for each, expect to spend 4-6 hours total plus the time you spend filling out the operating agreements and templates.

New Investors: Seeing I’ve never bought a property or just want to “house hack”, why would I need to take this course?

The point of being prepared is to have the correct information on how to form an LLC the right way your first time.

Our LLC Blueprint will show you how to create and have a fully repeatable process to create LLCs and know what to look out for when running your business with one. Everything you need is in the course.

New Investors: I’m feeling discouraged that I might be too late to the “real estate” party, and investing in the course might be a bad idea.

Having such a course can allow you to make decisions because you know your company is protected quickly, and you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes rookies have made in the past.

Real estate moves in cycles; properties in some cities are cheaper or more expensive in others, and having the RIGHT tools to jump on opportunities makes you a better and smarter investor.

This course will equip you with that confidence to learn about the real estate market and not have to worry about your business set up anymore.

Experienced Investors: I’ve been in the business for years and haven’t had any issues with my LLC. Is this course for me?

Absolutely. Many real estate veterans someone’s let things fall through the cracks and need a refresher on what exactly is required to protect all the assets they have built throughout their careers.

With our LLC Blueprint, you’ll have all the templates, checklists on what to include and management protocols on what to avoid in various legal situations.

Also, with the examples that the clients the instructor has seen or been apart of, this will save you the headache, time, and energy to streamline the LLC creation and management process.


Easy access, anywhere. Learn through the website as well as read our material offline.




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You might be saying to yourself, there are other options, and you would be correct to creating an LLC, but at what cost? 

You’ve already read about what The LLC Blueprint has with the exact templates, checklist, and tips we use for our clients to protect their vast real estate empires from their first flip to multimillion-dollar retail strip centers and apartment complexes. 


What do you believe this would cost you to learn this for yourself?


We always promise to be frank so you can make the right decision for you and your situation as this has been time-tested material from the 20+ years of being an attorney surrounding this very subject.




From initial fees to just talk to the attorneys to recurring hourly costs for revisions and additional questions, for most investors, new or experienced, this can range from $500 to $2000+.


While you’ll feel confident and get the information directly from the source, this is probably not going to be the best option as the cost and timing of getting a hold of such firms when all you want to do is create an LLC and move-in isn’t your best bet. 




While this course is for the “do it yourself” people, this is not what we are referring to here.


From the various court cases explained in our videos and specific examples of where certain real estate investors went astray and lost a ton of cash, that’s not even the half of what you want to know and need to if you want to avoid the various mistakes investors make and overlook—trying to piecemeal a simple from various blogs from “real estate experts” without the financial and legal expertise in recreating the wheel for yourself and leaving a lot less to be desired, legally speaking.


We account for that in our LLC Blueprint. 




Probably the worst decision of all.


If you’re investing in real estate, you know probably not having a clear cut guide on how to properly set yourself up, maintain compliance and build a business plan that will allow you to expand is just spelling disaster for yourself in the future.


Some people say they have never heard of people being sued or personally liable for issues concerning their properties.


Most likely, it is because these people are screaming about their problems to you or the world.


Sometimes little mistakes cause us the biggest issues, and sometimes people are embarrassed or confused about their outcomes concerning this subject because they knew better. 


If you’re ready, I can show you how to find a trustworthy assistant and work with them to get more done while spending more time on the things you love.

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